What We Do Best

Since 1987, Accura Restoration & Waterproofing LLC has devoted itself to servicing New York City's residential buildings with the utmost care and attention to detail. In order to fulfill our promises to clients, we are proficient and accredited applicators and service providers in the following areas below:


Façade Restoration
 Façade Inspection Safety Program (LL 11/98)
Façade Cleaning
 Masonry Restoration
Terra Cotta Replacement
Ornamental Stone Repair

Roofing Systems
Balcony Repairs
Parapet Replacement
Cornice Replacement
Terrace Replacement

Plaza Repairs
Structural Steel Work
Bulkhead Repairs
Fiberglass Corner Replacement
Asbestos/Lead Abatement
And much more...

 Licensed Applicator

Johns Manville
Kemper System
Cathedral Stone