Mission: Accura Restoration & Waterproofing LLC is committed to building long-term relationships with our clients that are rooted in our performance, reliability and values. We bring our years of hands-on expertise and impeccable safety record to the NYC exterior restoration industry at a competitive rate. 



In 1987, Michael Grant and George Markatos founded Accura Restoration with a focus on the exterior restoration of residential properties in New York City. Over the past three decades...learn more.

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Since 1987, Accura Restoration & Waterproofing LLC has devoted itself to servicing New York City's residential buildings with the utmost care and attention to detail. In order to fulfill our promises to clients...learn more.


Whether your building requires Façade Inspection Safety Repairs (FISP), waterproofing, maintenance, or general restoration, Accura Restoration & Waterproofing LLC will provide the services you need...learn more

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Accura Restoration & Waterproofing LLC is proud of the relationships we have built and maintained over the course of nearly 30 years. We have worked in collaboration with the best engineers and architects...learn more.